Fun Trip to La Campagne Tropicana, Ibeju-Lekki

I’ve planned to visit La Campagne Tropicana with some groups of friends at different times but we never made it. You know when you plan trips with like 40 other people and the whole plans got lost amidst different opinions.

So this time, Eghosa and I planned this trip together again on a cold harmattan day in January. Eghosa drove this time. In his mind, he thought La Campagne was just after Lekki.

We took off and one hour later, we were still on Lekki- Epe Expressway. We got to Eleko junction and decided to ask for direction. Perfect timing to be honest, we would have ended up in Ijebu-Ode.

We turned off the express at the Eleko junction till the end of the road and turned left at the end of the road. We asked for direction again and the guy told to just keep driving all the way, we thought ‘why so dramatic?’

30minutes later, we were still driving, at this point, we’ve driven past Lekki Free Trade Zone. We finally arrived at the destination, almost 2 hours after leaving Surulere.

la campagne

The resort is African-themed, from the reception, to the people and the food.

You can either trek from the reception to the main arena or ride a bicycle. We chose the bicycle option. Eghosa jumped on a bicycle and conveniently forgot he couldn’t ride one to save his life. After falling off a couple of time, it finally struck him that walking was a better option.

la campagne2la campagne1


They have a standard way of greeting visitors and a welcome refreshment at the reception. Unfortunately, there was no refreshment when we got there; because it was a weekday and the food usually go to waste since visitors don’t come until weekends and public holidays.

La Campagne has facilities for most kind of outdoor games, including volley ball court, table-tennis court, swimming pool, canoe ride, kayak and beach and even has space for reception for those considering outdoor/beach events. There are bars and restaurants with basic options of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We had chicken peppersoup which was not bad at all and at a fair price.

la campagne5
Bolekaja Bar
la campagne6
Front porch of the floating chalet

la campagne7

la campagne3
Okun Bar
la campagne10
I apologize on his behalf, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to relive childhood

We enjoyed the Kayak a bit too much as we went far into the rivers, the instructors had to jump on a boat to look for us.

la campagne9la campagne4

The gate fee is N4000 for adults, N2000 for teenagers and N1000 for kids. The entrance fee covers full access to the land activities but an extra N500 for canoe ride and kayak.

The chalets are really lovely but bit pricey, different options depending on the budget, number of people, convenience and other factors. You can get price range of N50,000 for a duplex per night (with 2 bed downstairs) to N180,000 per night for a nice flat on top of water.  Guests at the lodge get full access to land activities and breakfast, I think.

We had a good tour of the place and it’s highly recommended for some days getaway with loved one(s).

Like Whispering Palms, La Campagne is a quiet place for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. If you are looking for mad fun, then you should go with your ‘happy’ squad.

Have you been to La Campagne ? What is your opinion of the place? Notice any fun activity I missed? Please share in the comment section.

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  1. Nonso says:

    Nice one Sola, I enjoyed reading this post!


    1. solajegede says:

      Thanks a lot bro


  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice! I enjoyed reading this post!


  3. Huseinah says:

    Lovely…. How like you and Eghosa to go on trips by yourself.


    1. solajegede says:

      Thanks Oju. lool, my leave just happen to coincide with his.


  4. Olowoselu Ronke says:

    Enjoy yourself my brother. Have a stress free 2016


    1. solajegede says:

      Thanks a lot Ronke and I wish you the same


  5. Ibk says:

    Historical landmark worth visiting.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Historical landmark worth visiting


  7. Anonymous says:

    This is an inspiring post. Calling for more fun filled life for “workaholic” like me. Thanks Sola


    1. solajegede says:

      Balance of work and fun is very essential. You’re welcome and thanks for reading


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