Oil Rich State of Akwa Ibom, a Favorite Holiday Destination

Hello people! I know it’s been a minute, I got redeployed at work and my commute time has increased by at least 4hours daily. I drove the first few days, nobody taught me to start doing ‘park and ride’ (to those who don’t know what means, you park at a car park for N200 and join a BRT going to the Island, you pick your car in the evening). First few days in BRT was tough but I’m used to it again now and loving it. I actually used to be a BRT veteran some years back, you know the type that can buy 10 tickets at a time to last for a week. It’s a better choice for me as I get to sleep, gist, observe and do some thinking, In fact, I am writing this post on a BRT evening journey but this post is not about BRT, so we move!

So I thought; let’s leave South-West Nigeria for a while and head off to the South-South. I actually have a soft spot for this region, thanks to NYSC that posted me to Akwa-Ibom, my alternate state of origin. The almost 12hours journey from Lagos in 2008 was my first in South-South and South-East part of the country. Permit to briefly acknowledge the transformation that happened in that state from my first visit in 2008 and in recent years, amazing!

The plan this time was to visit Obudu Hills via a road trip from Uyo. So I joined friends already in AKS for the trip (When I write AKS, I’m referring to Akwa-Ibom please).

The whole crew of 5 was complete by Friday evening for early morning trip on Saturday. Everything was set for the long road trip but God must have been looking at us like


Then, we decided to go see a movie at the cinema, to cut a long story short, we had accident on our way and hit a bus belonging to a company, yawa! At this point, we were still resolved to go on the trip with another car but first, we had to resolve the issue with the company.
All issues resolved later but men were tired already, we decided maybe the Obudu trip wasn’t meant to be at that time and chose to look inward for fun. AKS has loads of tourist attractions anyway, and no, this isn’t a consolation.

I listed our options which includes Ibeno beach, Oron fish market (this market has the biggest fishes I’ve ever seen), Mary Slessor tomb, Uyo township stadium aka bird’s nest. We decided to visit as many places as we can within the limited time. At the end of the day we were only able to visit the beach and the stadium.

Road to Ibeno was good from Uyo to Eket and then went really bad from Eket to Ibeno. The beach is right beside the Head Office of Mobil Producing Nigeria Ltd. The beach was calm and beautiful but the water isn’t so clean, a neatness freak wouldn’t go near the water. Like every active beaches, it has several lounges with DJs playing music, foods and drinks available at regular prices and recreational activities including beach soccer, basketball, horse-riding, all over the place and guess what? There’s no fee to enter! We ate freshly prepared fish and it tasted really good. (Now I just wanna go back for the fish, and I mean actual fish, as in the aquatic animals. Just so we’re clear)


We left after a while and headed back to Uyo to catch up with a live Nigerian premier league match at the Uyo township stadium. We got there and the stadium I must confess is a masterpiece! It’s popularly called bird’s nest because of its shape.

Magnificence from a distance


The inside is as beautiful as the outside. I won’t go into the cost-effectiveness of the project or the badluck super eagles usually have at the stadium, I’m not a wailing wailer. Anyways, the match ended in a fight because the home team lost by conceding a goal at a minute past the extra time.

I left Uyo the next day with a plan to make a different arrangement for the Obudu trip. Now that travelling abroad for vacation is expensive, you may really want to consider going to AKS, there are solid hotels like Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort in Uyo, Four Points by Sheraton in Ikot-Ekpene. This is one state I cannot get tired of visiting and my intentions are pure, I don’t know why I’m defending myself so much.

Let me stop here and catch some sleep before I get to ‘park and ride’. New post soon, I promise.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Priscilla says:

    Such a fun read… I definitely want to visit AKS (I have been trying to figure out what that stands for: AKwa ibom State?) sometime. I don’t like sea food though 😦


    1. solajegede says:

      It’s a beautiful place to visit, really? Why? Some seafood are great


  2. Anonymous says:

    Fish tho…


  3. Mariam says:

    Now I want to go to AKS!!..not for the fish though 🙂 (whatever that means,too much emphasis laid on that word)


    1. solajegede says:

      Ehn ehn, I noticed you said same thing about visiting Badagry, have you visited yet? I need to start holding you accountable.


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