Osun, tourism hub of southwestern Nigeria

Hello fam! This week is about another intended Obudu trip that got diverted to Osun state. This time, I know you may be wandering how Obudu trip ended up in Osogbo, mystery my brethren, mystery!! That said, Osun has the potential to be a solid tourism destination in Nigeria. With a rich history, beautiful landscapes, cultural heritage sites and lovely but pricey hotels, the state is a good vacation spot.

I may not complete this trip in one post but let’s see how it goes. I left Lagos with two dear friends, Demola and Onyekachi, and we made it to Osogbo a bit later than envisaged because we had a flat tyre on Lagos-Ibadan expressway and no viable spare (I promise we’re not usually that dumb). Thank God for angels on the road, we sorted things out and moved on.

Trip was fun. Our mobile phones were our music source, Demola supplied enough SmirnOff (he gets it free by the way), lots of snacks and then there was roasted chicken, so it’s safe to say there wasn’t a dull moment. Onyekachi was the one on the GPS monitor throughout the trip, giving us direction from her pad, I was the driver for most part of the trip, Demola drove at some points (but I just couldn’t get over a strange phobia of being driven by someone that is not a ‘professional’ driver. The phobia started after the accident I mentioned in a previous post)

Plan was to stay at MicCom Golf Hotels and Resort, Ada. I heard about the place long ago and they were all raving reviews. I got information online and made calls for reservation ahead of our arrival; a move I wish I never made.

See ehn, summary of that place is ‘DEAD‘, no lies. We got there and customer service sucked. In the first place, there was no PoS, they asked that we visit the next town to use ATM, good thing I had some cash. Everywhere was dusty and air was dry. I know it was harmattan season but the whole environment just seemed extra harsh. When we got to the rooms, tap was running, shower wasn’t. We asked why…hear the response ‘we are just pumping the water that flows into the shower‘ …we checked if the water heater was working, no show. We asked again…and response was ‘we will give you kettle to boil water in the morning‘.


That was the last straw! we had to get back to Osogbo that night. Called my friend and PAU classmate, Tunde, to hook us up with a good hotel and he delivered. But Osogbo people need to come tell us why their good hotels are so expensive. The town has the most expensive hotel rates around and I’m not even kidding (I’m talking from my own travel experience). One was telling us the regular room is about N20,000/night and then gave us the ‘no complimentary’ breakfast speech.…on top 20k!!!


As a well-connected guy, got in touch with another goodfriend from Unilorin days, Tosin, who ended up being the unofficial tour guide. The rest of the gist will come up in the next post but that’s not without pleading with the Osun State Government (you never can tell, Sir Rauf Aregbesola may be a regular visitor to this blog) to see what can be done to revive the MicCom Golf Hotels, it’s a shame to allow that place deteriorate like that.

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  1. Tunde says:



  2. izzyleecious says:

    Shola! You wont stop with these memes! smh..
    Awesome read Mr, Ajala


  3. Mariam says:

    We are now splitting gist into half now? 🙂
    Sola I can totally relate. Hotels in that town is just something else and the service isn’t commensurate.
    All I can see here is the food for the journey!!!. You wont invite me to go on a trip like this o(smh) People have been unfriended for lesser offences.


    1. solajegede says:

      Lool, I’m wetting the ground with this post. That hotel matter ehn, it’s beyond ridiculous. I just hope you won’t run away when I tell you about the next trip.


  4. omotola says:



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