Let’s Go Hiking!

It’s a long holiday staring at us the last weekend of the month. What better way to spend it than to enjoy a cool resort in the heart of Osun state and go hiking at the magnificent Erin Ijesha waterfalls, away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos.

The deal is a departure from Lagos on 27th May by 6.30am (to avoid any traffic on Lagos-Ibadan expressway). Departure will be from 7up. We arrive at the resort and settle down and freshen up for an evening of bonding, games (monopoly, scrabbles, chess, etc.), pool party and general relaxation. (There will be free small chops and drinks).

The next day we get up early to go hiking at the waterfalls. There are 7 levels to cross and it becomes rougher and steeper as we climb, so you need to prepare for the adventure. Get a hiking boot, a water bottle, a strap bag to hold valuables and comfortable clothings. Of course, those unable to face the challenge can always enjoy the waterfalls at any of the lower levels, trust me it’s also an amazing experience.

Tales have it that though you start climbing the level 1 in Osun state, you end up in Ekiti state by the level 7, I guess we’ll confirm that when we get through the adventure ourselves.

After the hike, we’ll head back to Gidi on 28th May and enjoy one more day of rest before the hustle begins again.

We’re targeting between 10-13 people only and the cost is only N15,000 covering transportation, accommodation  (2 per room) and entrance fee to the Waterfalls. If you would rather have the room to yourself alone, the cost is N20,000.

Kindly indicate your interest and get ready to make commitment of at least N10,000 on/before 20th May, balance can be paid on or before 26th May. As a result of the limited space, please indicate interest on time, as it will be treated on a first come, first serve basis.

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