YTourists take Erin-Ijesha waterfalls

So 11 ytourists (that’s the name for our tourists, #SWEGG) went away on the amazing hiking trip in our previous post. Let me take you on a ride with us, I’ll make it brief and fun for you. Let’s do this.

We took off from 7up at about 8am after the bus arrived from picking ytourists from Stadium bus stop and Gbagada. Bonding started with a game of 2 truths and a lie, to get to know ourselves. Highlight was that Gbemi’s name changed to Mr Lai in honour of Mr Lai Mohammed, Honourable Minister of Information

Family picture

We were having so much fun with the game and switched it to 1truth and 2 lies, then ‘truth or dare’. This got the arrows flying with R18 questions flying everywhere, the driver wasn’t even spared with the questioning this time. Time seemed to be flying till we started hearing a funny sound at a point between Ibadan and Ikire and realised the engine belt had cut..We initially stopped close to a herd of cows with a lone herdsman visible from the road, we decided to drag the bus to the next mechanic workshop which we heard wasn’t far. While there, we kept on with the games, this time it was concentration game. Jide, Kevin and Eghosa were developing business idea while the game was on, hopefully they unveil the idea soon. Then we bought some freshly boiled maize, and also finished the second round or third round (for some people like Sei and Jide) of small chops. After like 2 hours, bus was finally in good condition and we moved, only slowed down at Ikire to buy the popular dodo Ikire and also at Ife junction to buy Akara Osu and Bread.

We were joined by Bimbo and Maria after we turned into Ilesha and together, we found our way to the beautiful resort ( Zenababs Half Moon Resort) basically relying on Google maps for direction. We settled in just in time to catch the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Arsenal, in which my Chelsea was magnanimous enough to dash out the trophy to Arsenal (*whispers…I’m kidding, the result pained but I won’t let it show). Then it was time for an evening of games, barbecue, drinks and relaxed fun. There was Nigeria edition of Monopoly, Ludo and Scrabbles. The game went on till about 1am before the last set of players retired for the day.


It was morning of the hiking and some got up early to hunt for cashew and mango (Lola refused to share her mango by the way), some went to use the gym while Demola was forming Mr Sexy in the swimming pool and some were at the aviary. We later had breakfast and said our goodbyes to the resort after a photoshoot and headed for the waterfalls.


We got to the Erin Ijesha waterfalls and after making necessary payments, we started making arrangement with one tourguide but got allocated a female tourguide, she looked a bit fragile and we wondered if she could go the job. The ‘oga’ there asked the guy we were negotiating with to go face his security job or resign..(e be like say the guy no dey sort the oga from the money he gets from the tour guide duties)

Anyway, tour began and expectedly Jide and Kenny ended their hike on the 2nd level. Kenny because of fever and Jide because well, some birds just won’t fly.

Surprisingly, all the ladies made it through the really tricky climb from level 2 to 3, earlier than most guys. It was at this point that the tourists let out their mammywater spirit, it was a really relaxing shower and we got the energy to proceed to next levels. Arriving at next level, we couldn’t resist dipping in the water again. Then we started the journey to the 5th level, it was the easiest climb. We were pressed for time and had to end our sojourn at this level. We chose to live (leave) to fight (climb) another day.


The return trip to Lagos was smooth with banters and games. Our only stop was to buy the akara osu and bread again.

It was a totally beautiful trip, if I can say so myself. But I’ll just drop some screenshots of the feedback from the tourist, see for yourself what they had to say (plus bonus pictures, see more pictures on our Instagram page – ytourafrica). Join us on our next trip, details will be up soon.



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